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Summer course in Jewelry Design
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  • Loja design accessories brasil
  • Making jewelry designs
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Objetivos del Curso:
The jewellery course is focused on helping students understand the importance of research and manufacturing as processes, as well as design. Above all, the course’s goal is for students – whether or not they are familiar with the techniques of craftwork and industrial jewellery – to be able to face design challenges that arise due to environmental necessities while still maintaining a competitive balance between quality and price.
Curso dirigido a:
Those who are interested in creation and innovation in the field of jewellery. Fashion, industrial and accessories design professionals. People with a Degree in Fine Arts, Product Engineering or Artisan Craftwork. A working knowledge of the English language is necessary.
- Creative Area

Aside from organized cultural visits to established art museums, students will also visit places of interest within the jewellery sector.

- Technical Area


Building the visual library is necessary for any designer.

This section of the course is supported by a brief History of Jewellery in Fashion, a look at trendforecasting and workshops in Illustration for Jewellery Design. In this section, students will work on their sketchbooks, lookbooks and the importance of the presentation of their work.


The practicalities of designing a jewellery collection with an introduction to materials and basic techniques in jewellery making. Understanding the importance of research - the uses of old, new and atypical methods and materials.

- Project Area

A set project will enable students to work from the design concept through to the finished product, encouraging them to investigate and experiment in the workshop.

- Communications Area

Conference: Jewellery Sector Professionals.

Visit: Jewellery Sector Company.

Duración: 80 horas

Fechas: del 5 de julio al 23 de julio de 2010.

Horario: From 4:30pm to 9:30pm (Monday to Friday) and Saturdays (Cultural Visits)
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