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BSc in Business and Diplomacy

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International Business School

BSc in Business and Diplomacy - Budapest - Hungría

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BSc in Business and Diplomacy - Budapest - Hungría Comentarios sobre BSc in Business and Diplomacy - Budapest - Hungría
BSc in Business and Diplomacy.

Are you interested in foreign affairs? At IBS you will have the chance to meet ambassadors and diplomats who give their hands on experiences about world-wide issues and the ups and downs of their diplomatic missions.

Programme Content:

This programme will lead you to a sophisticated, interdisciplinary understanding of international business, providing you with a contextual understanding of contemporary international relations, and equipping you with skills, traditionally required in international diplomacy. You will have in-depth knowledge of a geographical region of your choice.

"The subjects that we study and the school's atmosphere play a very important role in integrating knowledge into the practice."

Altangerel Undrakh, Mongolia, IBS Intern at FAO

  • Duration of programme: 6 semesters
  • Starting date: September
  • Degree awarded by: The University of Buckingham
  • Common first year: Yes
  • Work placement available: Yes
  • Study abroad available: Yes
  • Campus: Budapest
  • Admission criteria: High School Leaving Certificate
  • Language of tuition: English

Career Opportunities:

Special emphasis will be put on the working of international organisations such as the IMF or the WTO, and of regional integrations, the EU in particular. Due to the interdisciplinary nature of the degree, you will have a wide variety of career opportunities in both the private and the public sectors.

    "I always warn my students of the dangers of having a Euro-centric view of the world. Europe is but a small peninsula. We must look at the global world with the eyes of others, too."

    László Várkonyi, Professor at the Department of International Studies, Former Ambassador

Programme Structure:

Semester    Module

1    Management and Business Context 1
1    English 1
1    Information and Communication Technology
1    Legal Environment for Managers
1    Business Ethics
1    Academic Skills 1
1    Decision Making Skills

2    Management and Business Context 2
2    English 2
2    Finance for Managers
2    General Orientation Option
2    Management Information Systems
2    Academic Skills 2

3    Language and Culture 1
3    General Orientation Option
3    Marketing
3    Career Development Skills
3    Human Resource Management
3    Foreign Policy and Diplomacy

4    Language and Culture 2
4    Organisational Behaviour
4    Project Management
4    Management Skills
4    Quantitative Methods for Managers
4    Theories of International Relations

5    Business Policy and Strategy
5    Operations Management
5    Entrepreneurship
5    Option 3
5    Option 4
5    Option 5

6    Final Semester Option
6    Academic Writing Project
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