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BSc in Management with Psychology

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International Business School

BSc in Management with Psychology - Budapest - Hungría

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BSc in Management with Psychology.

Business decision have to be made based on facts with cold blood. But can you really rule out all uncertainties, presumptions, even workplace stress and truly focus? If you know about the psychology of negotiation and decision-making, you will easily see through situations that appear difficult at first.

Programme Content:

This is a specialisation of the Management programme.

This programme delivers an interdisciplinary understanding of generic business issues, providing you with a contextual understanding of the latest knowledge of psychology.

    "I decided to become an entrepreneur myself when I was doing my placement and later I understood that self employment suits me the best."

    Henrik Thorsnes, Norway, BSc student

  • Duration of programme: 6 semesters
  • Starting date: September
  • Degree awarded by: The University of Buckingham
  • Common first year: Yes
  • Work placement available: Yes
  • Study abroad available: Yes
  • Campus: Budapest
  • Admission criteria: High School Leaving Certificate
  • Language of tuition: English

    "Business management and Psychology are the two most popular degree programmes all around the world.  The Management with Psychology program provides a great mix of the two."

    Kinga Könczey, Programme Coordinator of the Management with Psychology programme

Career Opportunities:

You will be trained to apply this knowledge in a varied range of contexts, such as managerial decision-making under uncertainty, organisational behaviour at the workplace, consumer psychology, testing methods for job applicants, business negotiation skills, change management and others. This complex knowledge may lead to employment as management consultant, HR specialist, or marketing account manager, just to name a few.

    "People should be given the opportunity to voice their opinion."

    Gábor Sarlós, IBS professor

Programme Structure:

Semester    Module

1    Management and Business Context 1
1    English 1
1    Information and Communication Technology
1    Legal Environment for Managers
1    Business Ethics
1    Academic Skills 1
1    Decision Making Skills

2    Management and Business Context 2
2    English 2
2    Finance for Managers
2    General Orientation Option
2    Management Information Systems
2    Academic Skills 2

3    Language and Culture 1
3    General Orientation Option
3    Marketing
3    Career Development Skills
3    Human Resource Management
3    Behavioural Economics

4    Language and Culture 2
4    Organisational Behaviour
4    Project Management
4    Management Skills
4    Quantitative Methods for Managers
4    Psychology in Organisations

5    Business Policy and Strategy
5    Operations Management
5    Entrepreneurship
5    Option 3
5    Option 4
5    Option 5

6    Final Semester Option
6    Academic Writing Project
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