About Geneva Business School.

In 1995, the establishment of the Institut de Formation de Gestionnaire de Patrimoine (IFGP), marked the origin of Geneva Business School (GBS). Today, IFGP continues to provide instruction to local Swiss private bankers. GBS has developed into a leader in Swiss quality education with a purpose to educate future business leaders. With an international approach and passion for excellence in business, our goal at GBS is to help students reach their full potential and build real business connections, as they become future leaders.
Measurement Instruments.

Measurement Instruments.

A range of measurement tools is available to assess GBS practices and services.
From an academic point of view, GBS evaluates and adopts methods of setting and measuring our specific Student Learning Outcomes for each program using carefully selected tools and evaluation techniques.

Action Plans.

GBS Committees set a plan of actions based on submitted data and reports. It is at this pivotal moment that the decisions are made to not only maintain or improve existing plans but simultaneously introduce new measures that will assist GBS even further in achieving the outlined goals.

Histórico de cursos de Geneva Business School:

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