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Diploma (Graduação) in Jewellery Design

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Ender Viana

Ender Viana

Diploma (Graduação) in Jewellery Design

  • Modalidad de impartición
    Se imparte únicamente de forma presencial.
  • Número de horas
    La carga académica del Diploma (Graduação) in Jewellery Design es de 3 años.
  • Titulación oficial
    La certificación oficial es otorgada por el IED Istituto Europeo di Design al completarse el plan de estudio.
  • Valoración del programa
    El IED Istituto Europeo di Design ofrece el Diploma (Graduação) in Jewellery Design, con la finalidad de capacitar a los estudiantes en el área del diseño de joyas. El plan de estudio está diseñado para incentivar a los alumnos el estudio del mercado, las tendencias, los materiales, todo con la finalidad de que puedan crear joyas únicas que respondan a las necesidades del consumidor.
  • Dirigido a
    Esta formación va dirigida principalmente a estudiantes con habilidades para el diseño que deseen adiestrarse en el área de la joyería.
  • Empleabilidad
    Los egresados pueden unirse a empresas de diseño o emprender proyectos profesionales.

Comentarios sobre Diploma (Graduação) in Jewellery Design - Presencial - São Paulo - Brasil

  • Contenido
    Jewellery Design. Major in Jewellery Design.

    Three years courses - São Paulo.

    Credits: 180
    Start date: February 2017
    Duration: 3 years
    Attendance: full-time
    Language: Portuguese

    The Jewelry Designer must know how to combine knowledge of the market, the commercial requirements and the capacity to interpret tendencies, with the ideas born from the culture of design projects, art and lastly fashion.

    The jewelry designer interprets the tendencies and the styles of the consumer, understanding the market requirements, the social and consumer dynamics, the formal language, the company philosophy and culture, which become the indispensible matrix used to express the final design project.

    Professional profile: Jewelry Designer, Jewelry Drawing Artist, Product Manager.



    In order to meet the demands of the promising Jewelry and Accessories industry regarding professional formation, the IED São Paulo offers undergraduate courses in Jewelry Production with emphasis in Jewelry Design, Accessories, and Other Features.

    The programme combines a solid cultural formation with the specific needs of the segment, such as the knowledge of materials, current productive processes and technologies, studies of consumption behaviors, etc. The course uses the “knowledge & know-how” approach, which has characterized the IED since its foundation in Milan, in 1966.

    The School provides a structure that fosters the development of creative and innovative projects, with professors of reference in their fields and state-of-the-art laboratories in order to provide students with all resources required by the learning process. This course encourages the production of pieces and collections that combine aesthetic, functional, and ergonomic aspects, leading to the construction of consistent portfolios. It also encourages the Designer's sensitivity to understand the evolution of the sector and foresee trends in terms of habits, uses, and customs.

    The Professional.

    The Jewelry and Accessory Designer is a skilled interpreter of the system of signs and languages in the daily life. The professional must have a peculiar aesthetic sensitivity, intuition capacity, and projection skills to create attractive and functional products. These professionals must translate the complex system of symbols that permeates the body and behavior of the contemporary society into objects in a dynamic and adaptable way, materializing the consumer's sensations and emotions in their pieces.

    According to their personal aspirations, students of IED São Paulo's Jewelry Design course will be qualified to develop collections of jewelry and accessories for large-sized companies, as well as to produce and commercialize their creations with craft skills. The Designer must also interact with other areas of the company and take part in the phases of creation, production, and presentation of the product to the market. As an entrepreneur, these professionals must be prepared to innovate and manage their own businesses.

    Fields of Study.

    Culture: History of Fashion, Great Jewelers, History of Watches, Information Theory.
    Techniques and Technology: Drawing, Computer Graphics, Production Materials and Processes, Technical and Geometric Drawing, Gemology, Marketing.
    Projects: Jewelry Laboratory, Trends Laboratory, Accessories Laboratory (Purses), Accessories (Shoes) Laboratory, Collection Project (Jewelry, Eyeglasses, Costume Jewelry, Purses, and Shoes).

    IED - Study in Brazil.

    IED - Faculdade de Tecnologia do Istituto Europeo di Design (Istituto Europeo di Design’s Technology College) is an International higher education institution accreditated by Brazilian Education Ministry [Ministerial Decree n. 885, issued on Sept. 18Th 2009].

    IED didactic methodology involves classes with a limited number of students (numerus clausus) in order to stimulate the creation of a strong and profitable connection with the teachers, so that the students can be followed in an efficient way during the theoretical lessons, the realization of projects and the activities in laboratories.

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