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GEMMBA (Global Emerging Markets MBA)

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GEMMBA (Global Emerging Markets MBA) - Bilbao - España

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GEMMBA (Global Emerging Markets MBA) - Bilbao - España Comentarios sobre GEMMBA (Global Emerging Markets MBA) - Bilbao - España
GEMMBA (Global Emerging Markets MBA)

The global executive of today faces a complex array of challenges. Only a few years ago, most of the competition was up the street. Today competitors may be on the other side of the world and the biggest, fastest-growing markets are China, India, Russia and Brazil and emerging markets have attracted the most investor attention in recent years.

For thats reasons ESEUNE Business School designed the first global MBA designed to developsuccessful entrepreneurial and business skills for emerging markets. The Global Emerging Marketins MBA (GEMMBA) brings the excellence of ESEUNE European Business School to six international locations in China (Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong), Russia (Moscow), India (Bangalore) and Brazil (Rio de Janeiro).

The GEMBA is vibrant and diverse, with a thriving international community of staff and students. The GEMMBA itself offers a unique combination of business-orientated skillsdevelopment, innovative teaching on management tools, tactics and strategies coming from real working environments, more than 20 nations represented among the students and faculty, experience in the main emerging cities of the world, cosmopolitanism and cultural diversity. The GEMMBA offers acomprehensive look at emerging markets, especially the BRIC economies (Brazil, Russia, India, China), as they integrate with the global economy and provides the context for understanding the unique social, political, environmental, and ethical questions associated with doing business in emerging markets. This Full-time programme is an intensive, international, one-year MBA and comprises of 16 courses that are all taught in English. The GEMMBA includesinternships in China.

Through our close partnerships with businesses in China, you will be able to enrich your understanding, skills and capabilities while contributing real commercial value to employers and sponsors interested on the Giant. Participants are young international business professionals with excellent interpersonal skills, a global mindset and strong leadership potential who fulfil the requirement of having a comprehensive understanding of BRIC markets, with emphasys in China, its business culture and its place as an economic powerhouse for the 21st century.

El MBA (Master en Administración de Negocios) de ESEUNE ha sido concebido para aquellas personas que deseen profundizar en las herramientas , técnicas, metodologías e instrumentos utilizados en la gestión de una empresa.

Un programa  que aporta una visión general de la empresa y abarca los 360º de la misma: finanzas, marketing, estrategia, operaciones, etc.

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