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Marketing Analytics (M.A.)

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Marketing Analytics (M.A.) - Colonia - Alemania

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Marketing Analytics (M.A.) - Colonia - Alemania Comentarios sobre Marketing Analytics (M.A.) - Colonia - Alemania
Marketing Analytics (M.A.).

Academic Degree: Master of Arts.
Duration of Study: 3 semesters for applicants with 210 ECTS // 3 semesters plus 1 Pre Semester course for applicants with 180 ECTS 
ECTS : 90, 30 (Pre-Semester) 
StartingMaster course : 15th March 
Pre-Semester : 1st October 
Online Pre-Semester : 15th March 
Location : Munich, Cologne, Hamburg and Berlin 
Tuition fee  : Non-EU students 7,800 € per semester plus 750 € registration fee.  EU students 6,200 € per semester plus 500 € registration fee. Starting from 500 € per month with guarantee. 
Language :  English 
Application process : University/B.A. degree with at least 180 ECTS and an average grade of at least 2.5, TOEFL test (at least 81 out of 120 points) or IELTS (at least 6.0 out of 9); equivalent qualifications may also be accepted, as applicable, curriculum vitae – signed personally, letter of recommendation (by your lecturer or employer), personal motivation statement, personal interview with a selection panel/skype interview for international students.
Open Media Master M.A., Specialisation Marketing Analytics (M.A.):

Do you want to become a big data expert for the marketing in all branches of economy? Your job in a company, a research institute or a specialized agency as a marketing analytics manager is to analyse and interpret big data for marketing issues.  
The evolution of information technology and especially data storage increased the importance of data based decisions. Marketing is based on customer and market insight data. Data processing and analytics enable decision makers to use different kinds of information mutually for the success of their organizations.

Students acquire necessary skills to identify relevant data sets for marketing decisions. Furthermore, they learn how to collect, structure, and analyze the data. Finally, they develop skills to present the results to different decision making bodies.

The hands on approach to marketing analytics brings current issues of big data and real cases from the media business to the classroom. Established businesses are as important as start-up business for the application of the skills. Students gain expertise in marketing analytics through specialized courses and projects as well as through the topic of their Master’s thesis.

Potential careers with this M.A:
  •     Data Analyst
  •     Market Research Expert
  •     Forecasting Expert
  •     Marketing Consultant
Prerequisites and Pre-Semester course:

To begin a master’s programme, you require at least 210 ECTS. If you have completed your bachelor’s degree with 180 ECTS, Macromedia University offers the option of obtaining the extra 30 ECTS needed in a Pre-Semester course.
The Pre-Semester course is an attendance-based course that starts in the winter semester to ensure you can begin the master’s programme in the summer semester without any difficulty.
NEW: From the 2016 summer semester, the Pre-Semester course will also be available online.
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