Specializing master in Transportation and Automobile Design

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Agustin González

Agustin González

Specializing master in Transportation and Automobile Design

  • Modalidad de impartición
    El plan de enseñanza es presencial.
  • Número de horas
    El tiempo de enseñanza es de 14 meses.
  • Titulación oficial
    El alumno recibe una titulación oficial.
  • Valoración del programa
    Specializing Master in Transportation and Automobile Design es un programa de posgrado ofrecido por POLI.design en su campus de Milán, El objetivo principal es formar diseñadores profesionales que tengan capacidad crítica y creativa, entendiendo los procesos típicos de la industria automotriz. A lo largo del programa se realizan seminarios, workshops y trabajos prácticos que le dan una mirada real sobre el diseño automotriz.
  • Dirigido a
    Está dirigido a titulados universitarios en diseño industrial, arquitectura e ingeniería, que busquen especializarse en diseño automotriz.
  • Empleabilidad
    Podrá desempeñarse laboralmente en el área de diseño corporativo en empresas automotrices.

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  • Contenido
    Specializing Master in Transportation and Automobile Design.
    Teaching Plan.

    • Goals
      • definition of the exterior design of a car
      • development of the interior design of a car
      • study and choice of materials and colors
      • physical modeling development with clay
      • digital modeling development
    • Teaching Plan: 14 Months
    • Venue: POLI.design and at the Politecnico Bovisa Campus, in Milan


    The Specializing Master in Transportation & Automobile Design is a Master in Car Design of the Politecnico di Milano held jointly with Volkswagen Group and it is a pathway to excellence for those who seek scientifically rigorous training to meet the professional challenges that automakers’ design departments are offering in this era of far-reaching change and radical innovation in the industry.

    Reliance on facilities at the Design Department at the Politecnico di Milano, such as its prototype workshop and its virtual prototyping workshop, enrich the learning experience by assuring the availability of equipment up to the task of the Specializing Master.


    The goal of this Specializing Master is to train a professional designer to develop her or his own creativity, while innovatively integrating it with the academic knowledge specific to the syllabus. At the same time, the student is expected to experience the whole style-development process typical of the automobile industry. This Specializing Master is designed to enable graduates in industrial design, engineering or architecture who are interested in a career in automobile design to bring rigorous focus to their curriculum.

    Job description

    This Specializing Master produces an innovative professional with advanced skills related to the main tasks involved in creating an automobile’s style. Its goal is to give students the chance to enter the production stream for auto-industry design. This is not limited to traditional roles or companies but encompasses a network of enterprises that interact and collaborate with corporate design departments on co-design projects. Acquired skills include teamwork and conflict management.

    Degree Awarded

    The Specializing Master grants 60 CFU, equivalent to 60 ECTS. Upon completion, students earn a Politecnico di Milano first-level Specializing Master.


    The Transportation & Automobile Design Specializing Master is made up of lessons, project seminars, workshops, and a final Master thesis. The course plan consists of 12 learning modules, selected so as to provide a mix that will assure the theoretical and practical knowledge essential to developing transportation-design projects with full awareness of the context.

    The teaching plan has been structured by providing modules in Italian and English.

    Didactic modules

    • Car Design Studio
    • Transportation Design Workshops
    • Alias modelling for Car Design
    • Colour & Trim
    • Multimedia Tools for Car Design
    • Experience Interaction Design for Vehicles
    • Vehicles Architecture
    • Ergonomics
    • Car Design Culture
    • Presentation Techniques for Car Design
    • Creative Group Empowerment
    • IP law in Automotive Design


    The study plan calls for a full-time commitment. In order to earn the degree, a minimum of 75% class attendance is required.


    To achieve an experience of complete immersion in the culture of Italian design, the Specializing Master uses Italian as its official language.
    In order to work in a global context such as Vehicles Designing, it is a indispensable prerequisite to own a solid knowledge of English language.
    It is therefore required that participants know Italian at least at level A2 and the English at least at level B1.

    Admission requirements

    The enrollment at the Specializing Master in Transportation & Automobile Design requires a University Diploma, a Bachelor of Science degree,
    or a Master of Science degree in Industrial Design, Architecture, Engineering, or an equivalent qualification. Anyhow, the Master board has the right to consider the enrollment of candidates holding the above mentioned titles in other disciplines. For those who graduated not in Italy, equivalent study titles will be considered if recognized in the respective course of studies.

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