MBA with Concentration in Information Systems - Online

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Nadia Bacco

Nadia Bacco

MBA with Concentration in Information Systems

  • Modalidad de impartición
    Broward International University ofrece el programa en modalidad online.
  • Número de horas
    El MBA with Concentration in Information Systems tiene una extensión de dieciocho meses.
  • Titulación oficial
    Broward International University otorga titulación a los egresados.
  • Valoración del programa
    El programa se dicta de forma online, brindando una experiencia 100% virtual que permite compaginar el estudio con la vida profesional, capacitándose en la gestión de sistemas de información y redes. Además, el alumno podrá elegir entre cuatro áreas de concentración para su formación académica: Contabilidad, Marketing Digital, Sistemas de Información y Gestión Sanitaria.
  • Dirigido a
    El MBA with Concentration in Information Systems es ideal para directivos, ejecutivos, licenciados, ingenieros y titulados de grado relacionados a la gestión de sistemas.
  • Empleabilidad
    El egresado podrá trabajar en la gestión de redes de información, ofreciendo estrategias para la mejora en base a la evaluación del sector.

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  • Contenido
    MBA with Concentration in Information Systems

    Type of course: Master
    Methodology: Online
    Duration: 18 months
    Virtual Campus
    Requirements: A Bachelor’s Degree or a Graduate Degree


    The Master of Business Administration with a concentration in Information System is a specialized program to study the ways in which information systems can be used to achieve organizational goals and improve the performance of organizations based on data strategies. Provides an overview of the main aspects involved in the management of information and network security, where students will learn to evaluate the potential impact that the implementation of information systems can have on performance and the decision-making process of organizations.

    You will be able to link your thesis or final master's project to a real casuistry of your current company, which may have a direct impact on the applicability of your master.

    Aside from this concentration, within the MBA, we also offer 4 different concentrations for you to choose the most suitable specialization for you among Accounting, Digital Marketing, Information Systems and Health care Management.

    Our teaching model is designed on the basis of 3 fundamental pillars that promotes an  excellent training, open to all, flexible and 100% online: based on an active learning experience that promotes critical thinking, teamwork, participates in vigorous brainstorming and uses a case study-oriented approach that leads to the idea of ​​learning by doing.

    Be Limitless; Be Successful.


    - Implement communication channels between the different departments
    - Assess any possible links of security threats to Internet use
    - Assess strategic needs of companies and seek new business opportunities
    - Create data communication strategies

    Student Profile:

    - Working professionals who are Looking for new job opportunities in the IT area
    - Students with a business, economics, management undergraduate degree with some technical / IT knowledge.
    - Students interested in pursuing a career that mixes technology and management.

    Curriculum for MBA:

    -Managerial Accounting

    -Leadership and Organizational Behavior

    -Relational Database Management Systems (*)
    -Data Communications and Networking Concepts and Applications (*)

    -Strategic Information Systems Planning (*)
    -Network & Systems Security Management (*)

    -Information Systems and Technology Management
    -Research Methodology

    -Operations and Project Management

    (*) Courses to be replaced by the set of elective courses related to the chosen concentration.

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