Summer and Winter Course in Pocket Cinema - Smartphone Storytelling

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Ender Viana

Ender Viana

Summer and Winter Course in Pocket Cinema - Smartphone Storytelling

  • Modalidad de impartición
    La modalidad de impartición que se ofrece en este curso es presencial.
  • Número de horas
    La carga programática de este curso es de 15 horas.
  • Titulación oficial
    El egresado del Summer and Winter Course in Pocket Cinema - Smartphone Storytelling reciben su certificación oficial de estudios.
  • Valoración del programa
    El constante avance de los teléfonos inteligentes lo convierte en una interesante herramienta laboral, es por ello que el IED Istituto Europeo di Design dispone el Summer and Winter Course in Pocket Cinema - Smartphone Storytelling. El mismo, tiene la finalidad de incentivar a los aspirantes a usar de sus teléfonos inteligentes para contar historias de una forma creativa. El fin es que los alumnos estén capacitados para escribir, producir y editar cortometrajes y largometrajes haciendo uso únicamente del teléfono celular.
  • Dirigido a
    Esta formación va dirigido a todas las personas que deseen las adquirir herramientas necesarias para crear material audiovisual con sus smartphones.
  • Empleabilidad
    Quienes reciben esta formación pueden iniciar sus propios negocios en redes sociales y páginas webs.

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  • Contenido
    Summer and Winter Course in Pocket Cinema - Smartphone Storytelling .
    The objective of the course is to present the smartphone as an interesting and practical tool for creating visual stories. Classes will focus on the skills and the knowledge necessary for developing a visual storytelling in documentaries and feature films - using only a smartphone as the main tool during the entire creative process. The course promotes the experimentation and study of a mix of different activities that involve the making of a film: creative writing, production, filming technics, editing, sound design, FX and motion graphics and digital distribution.

    The course is practical and has the support of reference content that will be presented throughout the classes. All the concepts will be explored with a hands on approach: the students will be invited to explore the surrounds of IED Rio to catch stock shots, capture sounds and shot their flicks.


    1. Understanding the Smartphone
    2. Mind Map: organizing stories’ ideas, screenplay and storyboard
    3. Pre-production, shooting and lighting, content analysis, editing
    4. Titling and Motion Graphics
    5. Sound design (score and voice)
    6. Online distribution


    The course recognizes and welcomes anyone who is interested in making films with a smartphone. Art and Communication students and people from different backgrounds who want to learn new skills so as to develop visual storytelling techniques and to create HD films with no resource other than their mobile devices. It is important that students are in the possession of a smartphone with Android or iOS. 


    Beyond the most common skills in storytelling and narrative craft, both in documentar and drama, the students will:

    » Get in touch with free apps to build storyboards, screenplays, editing & sound design, titling and motion graphics.
    » Exercise the best paretics in filming and sound recording.
    » Discover how to find the best management on the smartphone for the recorded material.
    » Understand filming accessories for smartphones like: gimbal, tripods, slider, LED lights, wireless microphones, lenses and pico projectors.

    By the end of the course, students will be capable of creating films in several formats and using their own smartphones to share the HD content in platforms such as social media, content sharing sites (Facebook, YouTube and Vimeo), streaming channels and regular TV channels.

    Structures and Facilities.

    From classrooms dedicated to academic lessons, to communal spaces at disposition of the student, and relying on skilled personnel, IED built structures and facilities aimed at transforming “know” into “know how to do”.


    All the activities held in classrooms are planned to translate theory into experience, for this reason every classroom is provided with educational and research tools: computers with Mac OS X and Windows, projectors, sound stystems.

    Communal spaces.

    In order to complete the educational experience in classrooms and let the ones who want to live an individual training in the location, IED offers students communal areas dedicated to studying and free-time. All the communal spaces are covered by WI-FI networks.

    Consultation rooms.

    Books, newspapers, magazines and audiovisual materials are available and can be consulted or borrowed by the students, in support of schooling and researching. The equipment of consultation rooms at IED is constantly updated, thanks to a dedicated staff.

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