Summer Course in Cultura Carioca – Rio Design Experience

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Ender Viana

Ender Viana

Summer Course in Cultura Carioca – Rio Design Experience

  • Modalidad de impartición
    Se imparte únicamente en una modalidad presencial.
  • Número de horas
    Se completa en un total de 60 horas.
  • Titulación oficial
    El certificado oficial de estudio es otorgado por el IED Istituto Europeo di Design.
  • Valoración del programa
    El plan de estudios desarrollado para el Summer Course in Cultura Carioca – Rio Design Experience, les permite a los estudiantes conocer de forma práctica las tendencias cariocas del diseño, la moda, arquitectura y la creatividad local. Acompañados por expertos del área, los alumnos participan en diversas actividades fuera del aula lo que permite abrir el debate en termas relacionados a la moda y formar su propia opinión al respecto.
  • Dirigido a
    Este plan de formación va dirigido a las personas interesadas en conocer la tendencias de la moda carioca.
  • Empleabilidad
    Los estudiantes de este curso puede trabajar en redes sociales, páginas web y revisas digitales.

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  • Contenido
    Rio Design Experience - Carioca lifestyle .

    Summer and Winter courses - Rio De Janeiro

    Rio Design Experience - Carioca lifestyle will present Rio beyond the post-card. We will show that, in the midst of all the beauty and chaos, there are creative professionals and individuals that are transforming carioca culture into design, fashion, architecture and Carnival - and they are doing so in a unique way.

    We will understand how Rio happens through the eyes of those who make Rio happen. We will experience the carioca way through the best of our design.

    • Start date: July
    • Duration: 60 hours
    • Attendance: full-time
    • Language: English

    Description :

    The course counts with the support of professionals and experts from various fields to present how all that takes place. Besides that, participants will got to the field to get to know how these professionals and individuals work and create solutions. It will be 60 hours of activities during two weeks of intense exchange and lots of walking through the city. Classes will take place in different times of the day (morning, afternoon and night), depending on what is more adequate to the activity at hand. The programme will present themes and projects in Design, Fashion, Architecture, Art and especially Creativity as a way of living. We will talk Fashion showing the carioca lifestyle as a mix of boldness and lightness with a tropical take. We will bring Design to the conversation and discuss aspects such as the collective and everyday solutions of the city - things that carioca’s are so used to, they don’t even realize how unique they are. We will discuss Urban Mobility solutions that makes reach the most isolated places in the city, the architecture of the past, present and creation of a city in the middle of nature. In a fluid language, we will show creative, urban and social solutions where they take place.

    The course is dedicated to presenting Rio de Janeiro as a city with a point of view of its own towards Design and Creativity. Through a programme that includes themes such as Fashion, Design, Architecture, Carnival and Culture, the course will show concrete examples of the carioca way of thinking when it comes to solutions and will encourage the discussion on Rio’s unique way of implementing Design. By the end of the course, participants will have experienced and gotten in touch with a reality of contrasts, with natural elements, filled with adversities, where creativity is necessity, but the lifestyle is always easy, tropical and optimistic - with the intent of promoting insights and a new way of looking at Design.

    Methodology :

    The course is based on activities and experiences outside the classroom. With the support of the knowledge and testimonials of experts and guided visits to various locations throughout the city, the content will presented according to a programme that includes Design, Fashion, Architecture and Creativity. Debates and lectures will compliment the themes presented during the two weeks of activities. The course includes specific days when participants will be able to choose the activities devoted to different themes, taking into consideration specific interests. Participants will develop a final project with the aim of presenting their observations and insights concerning one or several of the themes and subjects presented. The project may take form of a sketchbook, a film, a photographic documentation and any other form of presentation. The final projects will be developed in a workshop by the end of the course. The aim of the project is to promote discussion and debate concerning individual and collective perceptions towards Design in Rio.

    Student’s Profile :

    Students and professionals who are interested in learning about Rio de Janeiro from a broad design perspective, in search of new experiences and insights. The program includes theoretical classes and field trips, focusing in experiencing the city through culture, fashion, design, architecture, landscape and contemporary art. People from other areas of knowledge who have an interest in these subjects will also profit from the course. Participants must understand and be able to communicate in English, be at least 18 years old. A considerable part of the activities will require walking.

    Rio de Janeiro.

    Rio de Janeiro has always been the summary of everything that is Brazil.
    It is the point where cultural diversities converge, and the theatre where all the country leading cultural movements and events stage their débuts.

    Rio is home to the samba and the bossa nova, to Brazil modern architecture and contemporary art, to concrete poetry and the neo-realist “Cinema Novo” movement.

    The city rich plastic creativity, inventive capacity, fascinating colour schemes and “re-invented” materials are a genuine sign of Brazil multiple identities.

    This is a spontaneous and non-academic form of design in practice, a sort of crossdiscipline where fashion, graphic and product design meet in search of an evolution of forms and experiences.

    Within the boundaries of Rio Genius Loci, IED will focus its teaching programs to take in not only Design, Fashion, Communication and Visual Arts, but also the innovative principles of sustainable architecture and of strategic and service design.

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