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Summer Course Street Art in Rio

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IED Istituto Europeo di Design - Sede Rio de Janeiro

Summer Course Street Art in Rio - Rio de Janeiro - Brasil

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Street Art in Rio .

Summer and Winter courses - Rio De Janeiro.

Start date : August 2018
Duration : 15 hours
Attendance : part-time
Language : English

The workshop is dedicated to presenting and discussing aspects and the context of Street Art in Rio and includes themes such as the beginning, the development and the practice of graffiti as an artistic language and its evolution in the streets of Rio de Janeiro, one of the cities in Brazil where street art is most renowned. The workshop includes a theoretical portion, when information will be presented concerning the history of street art and its main artists, as well as a practical part where students will get in touch with tools and materials, as well as techniques and the practice of painting with spray cans. The students will also be introduced to the carioca graffiti scene, through a tour to the main street art spots of Rio de Janeiro.

Description .


Artists in general, design, fashion and art students, as well as people interested in the street art universe. People with some experience in drawing and/or painting.


1. History of Graffiti: the beginning of graffiti, relevant artists and contemporary styles
2. Typography: beginning the creative process with the drawing of letters
3. The relations between Graffiti, Design and Fashion
4. Techniques and practise of spray painting
5. Visits and tour to graffiti spots in Rio de Janeiro
6. Main artists of the carioca graffiti scene


» The historic development of Street Art
» The various forms of the street art language
» The main supports, materials and production techniques
» Practical introduction to spray painting
» The Graffiti scene in Rio de Janeiro

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