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    More tan 300 millon people in the world speak Spanish .
    And you?
    Enjoy learn Spanish with us!


    Spanish Courses in Quito, our courses are tailor made and completely prepared according to the wishes and needs of our students but still based on our special tutoring material. We use six classification levels.

    We offer private lessons of 20, 25 or 35 hours per week at all levels from total beginners to highly advanced students. As occasionally we have students who prefer to learn in small groups we also offer group courses of 25 or 30 hours/week with a maximum of three students. In case there are not enough students enrolled for a group course on a particular level we reduce the amount of lessons and students will have one-to-one tuition until there is another student at the same level.

    The emphasis is on conversation, although our classes also include grammar, audio, writing and reading newspaper and magazine articles. For students with special needs we offer classes that emphasize for example the following: business Spanish, Spanish for Cabin Crew, Spanish for Spanish teachers, courses with emphasis on literature or courses with emphasis on up-to-date topics, Spanish for tourism.

    At the end of the course all students receive a certificate of participation.
    Spanish lessons usually start at 08:30. Students who booked one-to-one-tuition may start at other times, depending on the availability of teachers and the student's special needs. Classes may be held indoors or outdoors on the roof terrace or in the garden, depending on the weather and the student's preference. It is also possible to have one-to-one-tuition at other places than at school.

    For an extra charge students may receive their lessons regularly at their host families or hotels or/and also on Saturdays.

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