International MBA Barcelona - Berkeley

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Agustin González

Agustin González

International MBA Barcelona - Berkeley

  • Modalidad de impartición
    Barcelona es la sede de las clases presenciales del International MBA Barcelona - Berkeley.
  • Número de horas
    El programa se cursa en un tiempo de once meses.
  • Titulación oficial
    Obtiene el título oficial de MBA otorgado por el centro EAE Business School.
  • Valoración del programa
    International MBA Barcelona - Berkeley ofrece al estudiante las herramientas y aptitudes para que sepa dirigir y coordinar los distintos recursos de una empresa y un negocio. Lo capacita en el manejo de nuevas tecnologías, nuevos modelos de gestión y planificación. Le otorga una mirada 360 sobre la economía, los mercados, la competencia, la demanda y los nuevos canales de comunicación y marketing. Este es un prestigioso programa MBA armado en conjunto por EAE y la Universidad de California en Berkeley, que le será de gran utilidad de cara a su futuro profesional.
  • Dirigido a
    Está dirigido a profesionales universitarios que acrediten una experiencia laboral de varios años en el mundo de los negocios (de 3 a 7 años de desarrollo laboral en el sector).
  • Empleabilidad
    Puede hacer carrera en el mundo de los negocios y la empresa moderna, ocupando cargos de gerencia o dirección. También realizando proyectos y emprendimientos personales.
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  • Contenido
    International MBA Barcelona - Berkeley.

    Our flagship MBA program in English, with an innovative twist

    Formato: Full Time 
    Modalidad: On Campus 
    Duración / Créditos: 11 months / 70 ECTS
    Idioma: English
    Campus: Barcelona / Berkeley

    Two cities, two partner universities, one program.

    The world of business and the very dynamic and competitive current situation of economic uncertainty demands professionals with solid knowledge of different management areas, personal and professional skills such as adaptability, critical thinking, determination and creativity, and profound leadership capabilities for digital transformation and innovation.

    To address this and create exceptional leaders, EAE Business School and the University of California at Berkeley have partnered to offer an International MBA in Barcelona combining our flagship and world-class full time MBA program with a unique Specialization Track in Digital Transformation and Innovation Management at Berkeley.

    Berkeley GLobal.

    This track will offer EAE IMBA students an in-depth understanding of the latest technological innovation trends and expert insights on the transformation of business development, managerial practice and growth strategies for the coming decade. Students will learn how to use the latest technologies to improve business and manage creative teams to drive innovation.

    Taught in English, our International MBA Barcelona - Berkeley is an 11-month journey, on campus, full-time program in Barcelona with a residential period in Berkley, California by the San Francisco Bay Area. The program is intended for professionals with 3 to 7 years of work experience.

    What are the benefits of studying an International MBA with EAE and UC Berkeley?
    The International MBA is the managerial training program par excellence, which trains its participants to reach positions of responsibility in a company by means of acquiring the managerial skills required for the management of companies and institutions. As such, apart from management training, an MBA ensures recognition from the entire business community. Therefore, it is the best program to gain and consolidate new tools and knowledge, through experience, that facilitate the transition towards a better job in our professional careers. With the additional Berkeley track, participants:

    -  Learn how to manage Agile projects and Agile organizational structures.

    -  Learn how to use new technologies to drive Innovation.

    -  Develop an advanced understanding of high tech products & how to devise impactful marketing strategies for them.

    - Develop competencies in data visualization to create effective dashboards and presentations.

    Reasons to choose the international MBA Barcelona - Berkeley.

    There are many reasons to choose the IMBA Barcelona-Berkeley. Key benefits such as employability, energizing your career, enhancing your visibility, combine with an incredible dual international experience: Barcelona and San Francisco.

    1. Experience Berkeley California.

    In addition to the courses given by Berkeley faculty from October 2020 to February 2021, the program will also include an immersive experience in the innovation ecosystem of Silicon Valley and San Francisco through a 2-week Program in March 2021.

    2. EAE Entrepreneur.

    Through our business incubator, we help shape, finance and accompany your entrepreneurial ventures. EAE Lab gives you the resources and environment necessary to enable you to identify your competitive advantages and develop your business idea.

    3. International Talent Program.

    If your goal is international professional development, you will gain the maximum visibility among the multinationals that work with EAE through the Employment Workshops and interviews with headhunters and international recruitment consultants.

    4. Business Networking.

    Meetings with professionals from large companies and other students, enabling you to expand your network of contacts. In 2018, we organized meetings with executives from companies such as Google, Vodafone, Accenture, Intel and Telefónica, to name just a few.

    5. Business Game.

    This simulator gives you a more in-depth insight into the challenges faced by companies and puts your capacities to the test while putting you in an executive’s shoes.


    EAE’s International MBA Barcelona – Berkeley is a state-of-the- art International MBA program that equips you to take on positions of responsibility in any international company and successfully lead digital transformation, change management and innovation company-wide. The program focuses on developing your leadership capacity and gives you a comprehensive and integrated overview of a business, the key factors for grasping the reality of different markets at an international scale as well as equipping you with the core of Digital Transformation Management:

    - Data-driven Business Intelligence
    - Strategy and Leadership
    - Customer-Centric and Technology-Conscious Marketing
    - Organization and Change Management

    The program includes an immersive experience in the innovation ecosystem of Silicon Valley and San Francisco through a 2-week residential program. Students and professionals from around the world meet in California to make connections with leading research and industry experts and to learn the leading trends in Digital Transformation and Innovation Management. Become a future-forward leader with this powerful combination from two top institutions.



    Promote essential knowledge in all the departments of a company: marketing, finance, accounting, human capital and operations.


    Developing the tools and capacities required for leadership: teamwork, motivation, communication, business ethics and social responsibility.


    Enhancing the entrepreneurial spirit and laying the foundations for the creation of new businesses, while also fostering innovation and creativity.


    Evolving with ease in complex and competitive national and international organizations, within a framework of sustainable development.


    Adapting to and anticipating the need to change the organization with the key objective of remaining competitive.


    Managing the organization’s flexibility in response to new technologies, new markets and the evolution of society.

    What are you going to learn?

    Global Business knowledge. You gain knowledge and skills on how to navigate in two of the world’s leading economies, the Europe and the United States. In this specialty track, you will gain the knowledge and expertise to effectively operate in global business and in relation with multinational companies.
    True cross-cultural competency. You will gain an -depth understanding of how cultural differences impact how you interact, communicate and do business with people from different cultures. The experiences in Barcelona/Madrid and San Francisco will expose you daily to how cultural differences impact many aspects related to successfully doing business in two leading world economies.
    Critical thinking. You will gain the skills needed to be able to think critically. The skills needed include observation, analysis, interpretation, evaluation, inference, problem solving, and making decisions. In this ever-changing world, the ability to think in an objective and critical way is becoming essential.
    Talent management. Intangible assets are becoming more valuable to companies. Those assets include human capital; the people who work in an organization. In this program, you will learn how to crate, lead and develop diverse global teams.

    Innovation Project.

    At the core of the program is an Innovation Project in which students develop a Strategy to Manage a Digital Transformation project. Working in mixed teams, students will apply the theory and concepts of the lectures to their project. The program will introduce students to new technologies and best practices in Innovation and Digital Transformation Management. At the end of their Program, students will present their solutions to a panel of experts in Silicon Valley and receive valuable feedback and support for their projects

    Course content.


    Module 1 Environment and Global Markets.

    Current socio-economic context - 5 ECTS:

    Economic environment
    Financial System and markets
    Fiscal and Legal
    Sustainability and enviroment
    Legal tendencies

    Marketing and commercialization in international settings - 5 ECTS:

    Marketing strategies
    Digital Marketing and e-commerce
    Sales Management

    Module 2 People Management.

    Intellectual capital and talent management - 5 ECTS:

    Human Capital Management
    Cross cultural management
    Diversity and inclusion
    Change management

    Management skills - 5 ECTS:

    Emotional intelligence
    Negotiation skills
    Disruptive Leadership

    Module 3 Strategic Resources & Strategic Management.

    Finance for decision making & Management Control - 5 ECTS:

    Investment and financing decisions
    Financial markets & start up ecosystem
    Financial Risk Management
    Company appraisals and M&A
    Financial planning and control
    Budget management
    Business Intelligence

    Strategic Management & Digital Transformation - 5 ECTS:

    Competitive advantage
    Strategy Management
    International Strategy
    Business Game
    VUCA environment a digital ecosystem
    Leadership for sustainability
    Disruptive technologies for digital business
    Business Performance Analysis & Emerging Techs

    Module 4 Business Transformation.

    Analytics from Business and Industry Perspective & Customer Analytics - 5 ECTS:

    Social and economical context for Big Data
    Business strategy and Big Data
    Big Data infraestructures and componentes in business context
    From Big Data to Business Analytics
    Technology map and systems
    Data Strategy & Data Análisis
    Reporting & Dashboards
    Google Analytics

    Transforming and competing from operations - 5 ECTS:

    Descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analytics
    Transforming supply chain
    Robotics & process automation
    Artificial Intelligence for operations
    Demand forecasting

    Module 5 Entrepreneurship.

    Project Management in the digital world: landing strategies - 5 ECTS:

    Digital Business & Innovation
    Agile Project Management - PRINCE2 y SCRUM
    Growth Hacking
    Design Thinking

    Module 6 Thesis.

    Thesis - 15 ECTS:

    Business proposal. The project.
    Feasibility: technical, commercial and finantial.
    Strategy and planning.

    Module 7 Optional Program.

    Course (in total 4 ECTS):

    Silicon Valley Innovation Management and Design Thinking
    Data Analytics and Visualization Innovation Strategies for new Technologies
    High Tech product Marketing

    Choosing EAE enhances your future.
    At EAE, we train professionals with the profiles in the highest demand from companies and the competences required in the employment market. The knowledge and skills you acquire here and now will have a real impact on your professional life. Start imagining this bright future and take a look at some of the professional opportunities that await you with our International MBA Barcelona - Berkeley.

    General Director
    Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)
    Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
    Strategic Director
    Business Developer

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