MBA in International Business

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Nadia Bacco

Nadia Bacco

MBA in International Business

  • Modalidad de impartición
    El programa del MBA in International Business se lleva a cabo en Trieste, de manera presencial.
  • Número de horas
    La duración de los contenidos es de doce meses.
  • Titulación oficial
    El egresado adquiere el MBA in International Business por parte de MIB Trieste School of Management.
  • Valoración del programa
    El programa brinda un conocimiento profundo e integral sobre los problemas, tendencias e innovaciones en el sector de la gestión internacional. Además, brinda competencias en habilidades personales relacionadas al liderazgo y la resolución de problemas en este sector, conformando equipos de trabajos idóneos y ofreciendo estrategias de mejora en el área.
  • Dirigido a
    MIB Trieste School of Management recomienda su programa a ejecutivos, directivos y licenciados interesados en la gestión empresarial, así como en las relaciones internacionales.
  • Empleabilidad
    Los egresados podrán mejorar su posicionamiento laboral, con competencias para el liderazgo de sectores y organizaciones relacionadas al comercio global y las relaciones internacionales.
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  • Contenido
    MBA in International Business

    A 12 months full time program, international, Association of MBAs - AMBA accredited. 

    Duration: 12 months full-time / 24 months part-time. 
    Placement: 95%. 
    Language: English. 
    Where: Trieste, Italy. 
    International Students: 50%. 
    Required Experience: Minimum 3 years after degree. 

    1-year AMBA accredited MBA

    The MBA in International Business is a Master in Business Administration that can change how your career develops in just one year. The MBA at MIB Trieste School of Management focuses on international management, paying close attention to leadership development and personal skills.

    Now in its 30th edition, the MBA is a strong and engaging personal experience.

    It is among small number of MBAs accredited by AMBA - Association of MBAs, the international certifying body which only accredits the leading 2% of the world's business schools with MBA programs, focusing on impact, employability and learning outcomes.

    The MBA Curriculum.

    The Master's program begins with Core courses including Marketing, Finance, Personal Development, Strategy, Organization, Human Resources Management and  Accounting, all taught from an international perspective. Entrepreneurship and innovative projects in direct collaboration with partner companies are also a part of the program.

    One part of the program is customized through a list of elective courses and one of two specializations (Concentrations).

    - 60 Countries represented since 1st edition
    - 63% International students (last edition)

    Hybrid Formula.

    "Hybrid" classroom: teaching students in the room and online simultaneously.

    In this challenging time, to benefit both students who want to head back to campus and students who prefer staying home for safety reasons or due Covid-19 restrictions, the MBA is available in an Hybrid Formula: in the classroom and online in the same class in the same time.

    The new Formula includes on-campus sessions, which are attended synchronously by participants online.

    Screen sharing, tracking cameras, omnidirectional microphones and digital whiteboards ensure a perfect interaction and a free-flowing conversation between people in the classroom and students on video.

    A new opportunity to fully live the MBA experience both in presence or online.
    The choice is yours and you can change it whenever you wish!

    Merit Scholarships.

    MIB Trieste School of Management along with partner companies reward talented candidates: partial scholarships (maximum 50%) are paid out every year to the best applicants.

    Apply for up to 3 (non cumulative) Merit Scholarships. The first step is to fill out the Application form online.

    What are the characteristics that influence how scholarships are assigned?.

    • Curriculum Studiorum
    • Experiences abroad
    • Previous professional experience
    • Quality of the motivational letter
    • Selection tests and interview results

    An international experience.

    With a variety of opportunities for stays abroad including Study Tours in Europe, an Exchange program in the United States or China, and 8-10 countries represented in the classroom each year and an international faculty, the MBA program at MIB Trieste it is one of only 3 MBAs in Italy with AMBA Global Accreditation - Association of MBAs, which is recognized in over 80 countries worldwide.
    Several international opportunities can be incorporated into the MBA program:

    International study tours.

    Intended for participants of the various Masters, Alumni and representatives of partner companies. Trips to European destinations may include training sessions and meetings with Top Management in companies or at production sites.

    Exchange Study Program.

    During the second part of the Master, you can choose to continue studying in the United States at Rollins College, or in China at Lingnan College. It is a completely immersive experience, where new professional and networking opportunities often arise.

    Why an MBA.

    A CV that stands out.

    The MBA enriches your skills and abilities. The Career Services department creates opportunities including professional interviews. Your résumé, with the MIB MBA Masters degree, recognized in over 80 countries worldwide, puts you ahead of the rest.


    The School puts you in a concrete network: partner companies and sponsors turn to MIB for suitable resources for their teams. Then there is the Alumni Association: MIB graduates can be found all over the world, colleagues and friends to rely on for both professional and personal support.

    Leadership Dynamics.

    The MBA is different because it does not stop at technical skills. It also focuses on managerial skills and the important soft skills necessary to become capable, creative leaders, with a global vision.

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