Bachelor of Arts in Communication & Public Relations (English)

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Florencia Costa

Florencia Costa

Bachelor of Arts in Communication & Public Relations (English)

  • Modalidad de impartición
    El Bachelor of Arts in Communication & Public Relations (English) se realizará de manera Presencial, en Barcelona.
  • Número de horas
    El programa tiene una duración de 3 años.
  • Titulación oficial
    Al cumplir con el tiempo estipulado de estudio y habiendo aprobado los exámenes establecidos, EU Business School otorga título oficial.
  • Valoración del programa
    El programa académico "Bachelor of Arts in Communication & Public Relations" es una inmersión profunda en el mundo de la comunicación estratégica y las relaciones públicas. Diseñado con precisión para proporcionar a los estudiantes una comprensión integral de las dinámicas de la comunicación contemporánea, este programa ofrece una experiencia educativa rica y relevante. El plan de estudios incluye una amplia variedad de asignaturas, desde redacción persuasiva hasta gestión de crisis, lo que garantiza que los graduados estén equipados con habilidades versátiles y adaptables. Además, el énfasis en la tecnología y las redes sociales refleja la evolución constante de la comunicación moderna.
  • Dirigido a
    El programa se dirige a quienes estén interesados en las relaciones públicas y la comunicación, y que además cuenten con título de bachiller.
  • Empleabilidad
    Al finalizar sus estudios, los egresados estarán capacitados para asumir roles como: Analista de Medios, Especialista en Relaciones Públicas, Especialista en Redes Sociales y Marketing Digital, Coordinador de Comunicaciones Corporativas, Editor de Contenidos, Especialista en Eventos y Promociones, Consultor de Comunicación Estratégica.

Comentarios sobre Bachelor of Arts in Communication & Public Relations (English) - Presencial - Barcelona - España

  • Contenido
    Bachelor of Arts in Communication & Public Relations (English).

    DURATION: Seven semesters/three years
    LANGUAGE: English
    LOCATION: Barcelona

    Consumers have become active participants of the digital world, blurring the line between company and customer. Media today is driven by strong brands, social media campaigns and individual influencers that establish and propel relationships with target audiences. This ongoing dialogue is the key to reaching new customers and solidifying relationships with existing ones. This program will develop entrepreneurial thinking and cover topics such as structuring public relations campaigns, media strategy and organizational communication and ethics.

    Note: Please note that students may attend classes remotely in the event of extenuating circumstances, for example unavoidable late arrival to their campus city.

    Degree Awarded
    A university bachelor’s degree awarded by Universidad Católica San Antonio de Murcia (UCAM), (título propio), a state-recognized university in Spain.
    A bachelor’s degree from EU Business School Switzerland which is internationally accredited by ACBSP, IACBE, IQA and certified by eduQua.
    A state-recognized BA (Hons) in Business Management from University of Derby, U.K.

    Benefits of Studying a Bachelor's.

    International learning environment
    that creates multicultural understanding

    Improve communication skills
    for more effective leadership

    Visit leading
    to see how successful companies really work

    Why Barcelona?
    Studying a Bachelor of Arts in Communication & Public Relations in Barcelona gives students the opportunity to expand their business knowledge in one of the world’s most advanced smart cities. Entrepreneurs and innovators are nurtured and cultivated in this forward-thinking city, which attracts outstanding tech talent and innovative startups, of which there are currently more than 1300. Barcelona is also home to some of the world’s largest multinational companies, including Airbnb, Amazon and the Siemens Innovation Center.

    This diverse and cosmopolitan city on the Mediterranean coast boasts almost five kilometers of golden beaches and provides students with excellent opportunities for sports activities and socializing. Famously home to FC Barcelona, it also has a wide array of cultural offerings including museums, UNESCO-listed monuments and architectural gems from the city’s most celebrated son, Antoni Gaudí.

    Admission Process for Bachelor’s Programs

    At EU we understand that choosing a bachelor program that fulfills your professional objectives while fitting your educational goals is a process that requires a lot of research and deliberation. EU's dedicated admissions team is available to help students with any queries or questions they might have. To find out more about EU Business School, we also encourage students to visit our campuses, meet current EU students and attend our classes and open day sessions.


    • 1 certified copy of high school diploma and transcripts; or equivalent.
    • Proof of English level: TOEFL score 80 (internet-based), 213 (computer-based); IELTS 6.0; CAE B2 with a minimum score of 169; native English speaker or equivalent.

    Upon the successful completion of any of EU's bachelor’s degrees, graduates have a wide array of career options and business opportunities available to them. In response to the growing demand for flexible and entrepreneurial business professionals, EU's programs are designed to foster the skills required for a successful career in the international business arena.

    EU's graduates possess an international mindset, multicultural awareness and are innovative thinkers. This makes them ideal candidates for positions at large, multinational companies and dynamic, disruptive entrepreneurs ready to start their own businesses.


    Career Options

    The Bachelor of Arts in Communication & Public Relations degree provides students with fundamental knowledge in all major business areas as well as specialist skills in communication and public relations. These include social media and consumer behavior. Students who successfully complete this degree may be interested in the following job positions:

    Communications Manager

    Communication managers are responsible for creating, distributing and monitoring messages about the organization to its stakeholders. They are in charge of creating an organization’s communication’s materials including annual reports and press releases, establishing relationships with stakeholders and ensuring that organizational messages are uniform and create a positive image. A communication manager will also play a key role in crisis management and will monitor messages published by third-parties for reputation management.

    To succeed in this profession, a communication manager must have strong writing, editing and proofreading as well as presentation skills. They must also present and communicate with confidence.

    Social Media Manager 

    Social media managers regularly post content on an organization’s social media channels about its activities. As well as sharing content, engaging with followers, promoting and tracking third-party mentions, social media managers monitor results for optimization. They  interact directly with the target audience and coordinate with other departments to keep abreast of an organization’s activities and also to provide feedback on actions. A social media manager may work within a communication or marketing department.

    To succeed as a social media manager, candidates need to be digitally savvy and have good copywriting and analytical skills. Graphic design and audio-visual knowledge are preferable.

    Technical Writer 

    Translating complex text into a more reader-friendly version is the responsibility of technical writers. They  also conduct research and interviews and ensure that writing projects are handed in on time. Technical writers also write business proposals, update a company’s website and review important corporate documents. They often work as freelancers or are contracted by engineering, medical and research organizations, among others.

    Skills in the field of technical writing include good writing, editing and proofreading skills as well as the capacity to analyze and understand complex data.

    Campaign Manager

    Campaign managers help create and run an organization’s integrated marketing campaigns to ensure that they accomplish organizational goals and generate sales. These professionals usually work with third-party agents to ensure the correct preparation and implementation of a campaign. Their tasks are wide ranging as they coordinate and oversee all aspects of a campaign. Working within a pre-defined budget, they will report on campaign effectiveness in terms of customer reach and sales impact, among others. Campaigns will stretch across different marketing areas including digital, emailing, TV, radio and print, among others for maximum impact.

    Strong organizational and management skills are needed by a campaign manager as well as knowledge of finance and high creativity.

    Areas of Work

    The Bachelor of Arts in Communication & Public Relations degree provides students with in-depth knowledge of major business disciplines as well as a specialist skillset in communications and public relations. Successful graduates of this degree may work in several professional fields, some of which we list below:


    Advertisements, copywriting and multimedia, among others, fall under the expertise of advertising. Working from briefings prepared by clients, advertisers are in charge of developing campaigns for products, brands, and organizations to impact target audiences and help organization achieve their objectives. Advertising professionals often undertake market research to test campaigns for understanding, brand coherence and acceptance.

    Public Relations

    The field of public relations helps an organization or individual build and maintain a positive reputation with its audience. Public relations professionals aim to influence, engage and build relationships with key stakeholders using topics of public interest, news and events, among others. They monitor public opinion for public understanding and acceptance. This sector is key in crisis management for maintaining a positive reputation.


    The aim of lobbying is to influence government and organizational decision- and policy-making for the benefit of an organization. Lobbyists typically act in representation of public and corporate entities, not-for-profit organizations and trade associations. Their tasks may include face-to-face interviews with regulators and the creation of campaigns to generate public awareness and support for an initiative. Public speaking and excellent written skills are needed in this professional field.

    Internal Communication

    Internal communication transmits news and messages to all hierarchical levels of an organization in order to build company culture and a feeling of ownership among employees. Platforms for internal communication include the intranet, magazines, TV channels and memorandums, among others. Internal communications professionals need to build good relations within the organization and pinpoint opinion leaders to help extend their message.

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