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Máster en Brand Management and Communication

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IED Istituto Europeo di Design - sede Milán

Máster en Brand Management and Communication - Milán - Italia

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Agustin González
Máster en Brand Management and Communication
  • Modalidad de impartición

    El Máster en Brand Management and Communication se imparte en la sede Milán.

  • Número de horas

    Este curso de IED Istituto Europeo di Design tiene un tiempo de duración de 12 meses.

  • Titulación oficial

    El graduado se recibe de Máster en Brand Management and Communication.

  • Valoración del Programa

    El Máster en Brand Management and Communication es un programa que en su 20° edición ofrece una visión completa y actualizada sobre gestión de marca, habilidades para el marketing y management empresarial. Le ayuda a entender los fundamentos vinculados con la construcción de una identidad de marca, por lo que se estudia con las mejores agencias en el área que le brindan conocimientos de primera mano.

  • Dirigido a

    Va dirigido a graduados en administración de empresas, marketing, comunicación, a profesionales y empresarios del mundo empresarial, que quieran formarse en temas de branding y comunicación corporativa.

  • Empleabilidad

    Podrá trabajar como Responsable de Comunicación o Analista Sr. de Marketing en empresas de diversos rubros.

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Máster en Brand Management and Communication - Milán - Italia Comentarios sobre Máster en Brand Management and Communication - Milán - Italia
Brand Management and CommunicationMaster Courses - Milan

24th edition - Management, design attitude, business orientation and strategic vision are the distinctive features of the Master course in Brand Management and Communication. Developing brand projects at IED is not just about realising projects, it is about accepting a challenge, observing the present, forecasting trends, and interacting with the most interesting international companies. 
For this reason, the Master course is organised in collaboration with Landor, one of the most important branding agencies at international level. Companies such as PomellatoCampariDucatiDieselKFCPersol, and Lemonsoda, just to mention few, choose to share their values and expertise with IED students, to find a fresh and multidisciplinary point of view and to develop together a strategic project for their brand. 

The Master takes place in two editions, the first one in November in Italian and the second in February, in English.

The Master is organised in partnership with Landor.


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Target - The Master course in Brand Management and Communication is aimed at graduates in humanities, social sciences, economics or scientific disciplines, as well as graduates in creative disciplines from design schools, or professionals with at least two years of experience in the branding field.

Methodology and structure - The Master course alternates frontal lectures, exercises, case histories, workshops and projects realised in partnership with companies and agencies and developed individually or in groups. The didactic pathway is closely linked to the professional world thanks to the collaboration between partners and faculty. A synergic team, composed by professionals coming from the main companies, agencies and consultancy firms, supports students throughout an intense, interactive and increasingly complex study plan. Students develop the skills required to identify their reference target and its typical behaviours. They learn to define product and retail strategies, innovation and markets, in order to elaborate branding strategies. A comprehensive journey that takes into consideration the different steps of the process: from definition of brand equity - by establishing the brand values and positioning, and by planning the strategic marketing activities - up to the actions aimed at developing and supporting the brand. At the end of the course, a dedicated module is focused on personal branding: from counseling and personal target to the tools required to realise a self-representation with the most suitable tools (video, paper, web) up used to present successfully in front of an audience.

Career opportunities - Brand Manager, Marketing Manager, Product Manager, Consultant,Project Manager, Client Manager, Strategist, Brand Consultant. Other opportunities are advertising and communication agencies as Strategic Planner, Account Manager.

In the previous editions, projects have been developed in collaboration with: PomellatoCampariPersolLemonsodaDucatiDieselKFCamongts the others.

In the previous editions, students visited: GooleTechnogymCampariSamsung, amongst the others.

Strategic Marketing for Branding.

Brand extension and licensing / Branding researches / Consumer insight / Brand positioning / Branding in BtoB and BtoC / Relationships applied to brands / Branding in retail / Branding vs industries / Budgeting.


Orientation and foundation / Brand strategy / Branding tools and platforms / Brand expression: identity, 5senses, visual identy / Branding guidance: brand management, branding manuals, brand image.

Branding Advanced.

Branding trends / The worldwide perspective / Brand engagement (internal branding and customer journey) / Branding in FMCG – pharma, luxury, fashion, services vs products / Branding in multinational companies - Start up - Entrepreneurship companies.

Brand Communication.

Brand communication strategy / Communication, PR, events for branding / Conventional and unconventional for branding / Media for branding / Branded content / Branded entertainment.

Digital Branding.

Digital branding strategy / Brand visibility on digital / Brand engagement on web / Branding and Technology / Digital PR and reputation / Digital ecosystem / Results and data.

Personal branding.

Counseling and coaching / Orientation / Goal setting / Self leadership / Team building and conflict management / Resume and CV / Job interview / Public Speaking and presentation tools.

Business for Branding.

Innovation for branding / Business Pitch / Process / Workflow / Roles and Responsabilities / Proposals.

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